Accelerating the Search for New Physics Discoveries with Argonne’s Aurora Exascale Supercomputer

As part of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s (ALCF’s) Aurora Early Science Program, a research team led by Argonne National Laboratory physicist Jimmy Proudfoot is preparing to use the lab’s upcoming Intel-Cray exascale system to advance physics research at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The team’s “Simulating and Learning in the ATLAS Detector at the Exascale” project is developing exascale workflows, algorithms, and machine learning capabilities to accelerate the search for new physics discoveries.

HPC and AI on Aurora

Rick Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director at Argonne National Laboratory and computer science professor at the University of Chicago, explains how the new Aurora exascale supercomputer will provide unprecedented capability to integrate data analytics, AI, and simulation for advanced 3D modeling.